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Archery Life Lesson #93

It’s not how to shoot a bow and arrow that makes it difficult, just like waking up in the morning and beginning a new day… your heart beats, you take a breath… that’s not the difficult part… the hard part is acknowledging that we need guidance, whether in a relationship or in our jobs, or in our hobbies… whether in our mindset, our emotions or our strength building… no matter our age, we never outgrow the need to learn… we aren’t naturally born knowing everything, we have to be willing to let someone teach us… some things we can “figure out,” but until someone shows us a better way, or we are willing to listen to direction, we might be doing whatever it is the hard way…
Someone asked me once what the difference between a disciple and a student are… the answer is… the student wants to know what the teacher knows… the disciple wants to be like the teacher… however, you have to first acknowledge that you need guidance from a teacher and then find a good teacher… the trickiest part of learning or being willing to learn is letting your mind be open to change – having a growth mindset… if you are stuck in a “statue mindset” you’re going to stay there and get frustrated… my point is this… be sure to ask God for the most important directions in your life and be willing to be taught from the Master himself… however, if you need help with your archery form and getting the path of your arrows right, we are here to help you… you just need to be open minded, schedule an appointment, and be willing to become whatever kind of archer you want to be…


  • by cbayou
  • posted at 3:37 pm
  • May 10, 2017

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