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Coronavirus affecting Archery Classes

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Update as of 03/27/2020: Anyone who has been in our classes for the months of February to March or March to April, please read the following information.

As of right now, we will plan to reopen Friday, April 24th according to city mandate, and any classes that would have currently completed on March 28th with their graduation pin shoot, or would have had their final classes the week of March 23-27, will resume on April 24th to make up your final week of classes with May 2nd being the makeup pin shoot/graduation date.  Any classes that started in March and were only able to make it to their second or third week will also resume April 24th and will continue on with their classes through the end of May with May 30th being your graduation date.  Any leagues that would have completed in March or April, we will give you the additional time to finish your leagues upon our reopening on April 24th.

Due to the spread of this virus being highly unpredictable and very dangerous, potentially deadly for many, the city may send an update and make the reopen date later.

If you have any questions regarding this 30 day time frame being off, please feel free to contact us in our “Contact Us” area or email us at, send us a message through Facebook ( or send a text message at 816-726-2040.  Any new news information will be posted in our “News” link above in the “What’s Happening Now” area.  Our prayer is that you all stay safe and well during this time until we see you again.

  • by cbayou
  • posted at 9:46 pm
  • March 27, 2020

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