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Coronavirus and our Archery Range

EDITED 03/17/2020 @ 14:22 ~ As per the City of Independence and the national guidelines as ordered by President Trump to begin last night at midnight, our indoor archery range will maintain its normal business hours, and our normal business operations, however, we will need to limit the amount of patrons and classmates and staff to 10 per hour.

Feel free to still come and rent a lane, come for classes, have work done on your equipment, and play archery tag with us, however, please email us at to request a time, phone us at 816-886-6281 to request a time, or send a text message to 816-726-2040 to request a time you’d like to come visit.

WHEN COMMUNICATING YOUR REQUEST TO VISIT… Please include your name, what you will be visiting the range for (class, rent a lane, pro shop work, archery tag), how many people will be with you (spectators included) and what date/times you’d like to visit.

If you are definitely sick, please stay home and rest and hopefully feel better quickly. If you are in a class and will need to miss because of illness, please let us know by phoning the range at 816-886-6281 or emailing us at, or send a text message to 816-726-2040 if outside of business hours, so that we can ensure that you will get to continue classes when you feel better.

Johns Hopkins University has created a map and information on the spread of the Coronavirus. The link is accessible below.

Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV)

According to the information on their website, the Johns Hopkins University is updating this map and information in real time. There have evidently been a few unconfirmed cases that haven’t made it to the map, but still none terribly close to home, according to their information.

We understand the challenge that this virus and other illnesses are causing in our community, our country, and around the world, but we also understand that people need to have the opportunity to relieve stress, come and be in an environment that will help them keep pressing forward, pursue their dreams, and continue their passion with archery. Just like all of the other major illnesses in history, there will be some that will not make it through the whole ordeal, but the rest of us will make it through hopefully stronger than we were before.

To give you an added peace of mind, when coming to visit the range, our policy is and always has been to disinfect all archery equipment used at the range and we are now taking additional precautions to disinfect all items in the range touched by anyone, including the public and staff.

We hope to have you come visit soon for the first time or to continue to have you visit as an avid patron of our indoor archery range and pro shop, but for at least the next 15 days, only 10 at a time. Again, please email us at or send a text message with your name, your request of time and tell us how many will be attending with you for class or as a spectator, to rent a lane or have pro shop work done, at 816-726-2040, outside of or during our normal business hours, phone in after 4 pm during the week or after 10 am on Saturdays at 816-886-6281.

We are right alongside you praying for a blessing for our country and our community, to be able to get back to life as normal, as quickly as possible.

  • by cbayou
  • posted at 9:13 pm
  • March 16, 2020

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