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Coronavirus & Closure for 30 Days for the Range

As of Saturday, March 21st, our city has given the order to make it mandatory as of Monday, March 23rd at midnight, for all residents to stay at home during the next 30 days to avoid spreading this virus that seems to have plagued our nation and trying to make its way through our community.

Because no one will be able to come visit, and we need a minimum of 4 per hour to make it worth having the lights on, as a non-essential business, not serving food or giving life preserving or medical services, we will need to close our doors for the next 30 days other than pro shop work by appointment only. Pro shop appointments would only be to fix/repair broken equipment or purchase items that would help our patrons and students remain able to have use of their archery equipment or purchase additional arrows to be able to enjoy shooting at home or hunting if needed. Pro shop appointments need to be requested by email at or texted to 816-726-2040.

No classes will run during this time and no private lessons or additional help sighting in will be available at the range. If you’d like to request a private instruction at your home, we can offer assistance via Facebook messenger’s video chat option. No archery tag will happen during this 30 day time frame as well. If those of you in leagues would like to come pick up your remaining targets and scoresheets needed to complete your leagues if you have someplace you can shoot 20 yards (60 feet), we will be open this evening from 5 pm to 9 pm, for you to be able to pick those up to complete your league weeks.

For those that have paid for classes or had paid a deposit in hopes to begin April classes with us, we will forward any funds you’ve already paid into the next set of classes we can offer. Fingers crossed, if all goes well, we will start classes again in May. We will post those class schedules on our Facebook page and our website as soon as possible and should have the option to book classes online at that point as well (with a new online booking company). You will also be able to purchase gift cards online in the next couple of weeks as well.

Those of you that didn’t get to complete your February/March sessions of classes, with your final graduation tournament next Saturday, we will update you via our website and Facebook page as to when the next available pin shoot/graduation tournament will be to be able to participate.

If anyone would like to support us during this time to help us stay afloat, you can give via and pay

We are so sad to have to close for these next 30 days, and we hope and pray we will be able to open and serve our community again, once this obstacle has passed. Our prayers are with you all for our community, our nation, and our world. Keep believing, God’s Got This!

  • by cbayou
  • posted at 9:23 pm
  • March 23, 2020

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