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Coronavirus Extended Shutdown Orders

As of last Wednesday, April 15th, the Mayor of the City of Independence has confirmed that we will not be able to come out of the quarantine yet, and are hoping to maybe be allowing us out of quarantine on May 16th. With needing to be in quarantine and not leave our homes other than for essential situations, that also means that the archery range will need to remain closed until then. We will post information about classes and reopening instructions as soon as we can.

However, in order to help with the boredom and get some of our patrons and students shooting and having some fun with archery, we are thinking of hosting a “Wherever you Are, Take a Shot at Killing the Coronavirus Video Tournament”…

If we put this tournament together as a fundraiser to kill the coronavirus (we have an official coronavirus target designed by the target company we purchase our targets from that we’d send or deliver to your door) with whatever means you have, arrows/bolts, knives, throwing hatchets, throwing stars, airsoft bb’s, bb gun, shotgun, slingshot, rifle, darts, pistol, or whatever else you might have to give your best shot at killing this virus, how many would participate? Thinking of making this image on the shirt design…

I’ll share the target design if we get enough interest… thinking of making the tournament be a 30-90 second video tournament, and whoever gets the most likes by adding your own extra charm, flare, trickiness or chaos to the video to get the most likes will win a visa gift card… just have to tag Archery Excellence Indoor Archery Range in the video description so people can go to our Facebook page and vote (if you don’t use Facebook, you can upload your video to YouTube and send us the link via email to

We are estimating making the opening of the tournament be as early as this Wednesday and closing on May 15th, the estimated last day of the shutdown as of right now… thinking of charging $30-$40 per person which will include a target and a shirt… and extra shirts would be available for an extra $20 per shirt ($25 for 2XL-3XL or higher)…

This fundraiser would be to raise funds to help our indoor archery range in Independence, MO survive this shutdown, however, you wouldn’t have to be local to participate! This would be a wherever you are and with whatever means you can take a shot at killing the coronavirus video tournament!!

Let us know if you would participate by sending a text message to 816-726-2040 or email to… and if we get enough interest, we’ll post directions on how to participate in the next couple of days!!

  • by cbayou
  • posted at 6:02 am
  • April 20, 2020

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