Archery Tournaments

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Interested in our Archery Tournaments??

We are holding a Video Fundraiser Tournament during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Shutdown and as we return from the 6 week Shutdown!!

UPDATE: Because there are more than 70 targets out there ready to be making their video debut and we’ve only received 7 videos so far, we are going to EXTEND this fundraiser video tournament out to May 31st at midnight!!

There’s still time to participate if you haven’t gotten your target yet and still about 30 targets available!! Click the link below to register!! or you can donate whatever amount to our Fundraiser on Facebook at

Once you’ve made your 30-90 second video, you can send your video in to or text to 816-726-2040 and we can post it on Facebook for you, or post it directly to our Facebook page (!!

Cost:  $30, $40 or $50 per person or per family (whatever you can afford) 

Funds are allocated to:

*1 target per entry… extra targets $5 per target

**1 T-shirt per entry… additional T-shirts available for $20 Youth and Mens sizes ($25 for 2XL and up) per shirt

***and Top 3 videos receive a Visa Gift Card!!

>>=> Remaining amount of funds is to help in keeping our archery range open during this shutdown!

This tournament is a fundraiser to take your best shot at killing the coronavirus Wherever you are and with Whatever means you have but also to help Keep Archery Excellence afloat during this Shutdown and as we return from the 6 week shutdown!!  Join us in this FUNdraising adventure!!

Below is the Shirt Design and Rules! 

Register using the button above or clicking this link. If you have further questions before registering, email us at

If you’d prefer to just make a donation to this Fundraiser, or you’d like to just order a target or shirt, you can give a donation of any kind on our Facebook Fundraising page here…