Archery Tournaments

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Interested in our Indoor Archery Tournaments??

We are holding our 6th Annual NFAA 5-Spot 360 Valentine’s Classic!

Compete in only ONE day/time for this tournament!

Compete individually and/or as a couple (with your sweetheart or a teammate) – ($5 off entry per couple)!!

Click HERE to Register in Our Valentine’s Classic tournament to start off 2021!

We Have Space for Up to 80 participants in each Line Time for Each Tournament! 

JUST pick ONE time on ONE day to Participate!!

Reserve Your Spot NOW!!

Valentine’s Classic

WHEN: Friday, February 5th at 7 pm 

Saturday, February 6th at 11 am OR 2 pm

Sunday, February 7th at 3 pm

WHAT: Our 6th Annual Valentine’s Classic 5-Spot 360 (x’s count as 6 – 5-Spot)
WHERE: Archery Excellence Indoor Archery Range in Independence, MO
WHO: Anyone with a bow and arrows (up to 80 spots available per line time) – all NFAA Classes
WHY: Some friendly competition for a trophy or money depending on the equipment you have and the class you choose to participate in to prepare for the bigger indoor tournaments this Indoor season!
Practice time available 30 minutes before each line time for $5

Click HERE to Register for the Valentine’s Classic TODAY!