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New Years Kickoff 2020 3-Spot Tournament Results

Thank you to everyone who came and joined us for our Kickstart Fundraiser 660 New Years Eve and New Years Day indoor NFAA Vegas style 3-spot tournament this last week!!

And thank you to all of you who participated in all 3 of our end of year tournaments as a part of our Excellence Games!!

We had some fantastic shooters join us and pull out some great scores with the baby X’s as 6’s for the Harvest Invitational and Christmas Classic and X’s as 11’s for the New Years Kickoff…

We feel very blessed for the outpouring of your donations!! We were able to raise almost $600 between the New Years 2 days of tournaments through your help! Thank you so very much for your support and helping us kick-start 2020 in the black! You all shot some amazing scores!!

Also, top scorers who shot in all three tournaments (Harvest Invitational, Christmas Classic and New Years Kickoff), your name and 3-Tournament total scores will be added to the 2019 Excellence Games Plaque at the range!

We hope you all and more can join us in 2020 to rent a lane for the hour, day, or month, join us for our 3D tournaments, Indoor 3-spot and 5-spot leagues starting the second week of each month, as well as our indoor 3-spot and 5-spot tournaments!!

Our 2020 tournaments will continue with a 2-Day Valentine Classic 5-spot 360 on Friday, February 14th OR Saturday, February 15th… and our only 2020 Indoor 3D shoot will be Sunday, March 22, 2020 (novelty balloons with gold coins will be back for this tournament again)!

Thanks again and congratulations to all 22 participants who came to play last week!! Medals or envelope with money for Amateur Class will be available at the range whenever you stop by next or we can mail them to you, if you send an email to with your address!

We look forward to having you all and more come shoot with us again soon! Thank you again for your outpouring of support, funding, and your participation!! We can’t do what we do without your support (funding and shooting)!

Below are the scores from last week’s tournament! We wish you all a prosperous, wonderful and very Happy New Year!!

Amateur Money Class (1st Place payout given)

Donnie Short 611

Adult Male Freestyle (1st Place medal given)

Kagen Raffensperger 632

Jason Pringle 613

Benjamin Wurtz 549

Adult Male Bowhunter Freestyle (1st and 2nd Place medal given)

Dustin Dyer 563 (Excellence Games Award Recipient – 3 Tournament total 1178)

Jared Moon 536

Jesse Cox 462

Chris Martin 393

Darion Potter 388

Master 50+ Adult Male Bowhunter Freestyle (1st Place medal given)

Chris Partezana 530

Adult Male Traditional (1st Place medal given)

Galin Stoychev 469 (Excellence Games Award Recipient – 3 Tournament total 983)

Adult Male Barebow (1st Place medal given)

Paul Ippolito 126

Adult Female Bowhunter Freestyle (1st Place medal given)

Lauren Butcher 406

Adult Female Olympic Recurve (1st Place medal given)

Melinda Hawley 491 (Excellence Games Award Recipient – 3 Tournament total 1029)

Young Adult Male Bowhunter Freestyle (1st Place medal given)

Brendan Fariborz 390 (Excellence Games Award Recipient – 3 Tournament total 878)

Chase Crozier 357

Young Adult Female Freestyle (1st Place medal given)

Sara Westcott 517

Young Adult Female Barebow (1st Place medal given)

Maddy Stidham 387

Youth Male Barebow Age 9-11 (1st Place medal given)

Dylan Nemecek 363 (Excellence Games Award Recipient – 3 Tournament total 696)

David Ferguson 154

Youth Female Barebow Age 9-11 (1st Place medal given)

Raylee Wilson 190

Youth Male Barebow Age 6-8 (1st Place medal given)

Gabriel Tillery 204

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  • January 7, 2020

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