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Phase 1 Return from Shutdown

As we near the end of the COVID-19 shutdown orders, as of Saturday, May 16th we will again open for limited hours in the Phase 1 return from home (Monday to Friday 5pm to 8:30pm and Saturday 10am to 8pm). 

*When you arrive, you will be asked to sign in.

*One of the staff will check your temperature (whether you plan to stay as a spectator, visit the pro shop, participate in a class or rent a lane to shoot for a while, we need to be sure you do not have a fever). 

*When you leave, you will be requested to sign out as well. 

*We are NOT requiring masks DURING shooting, because it is extremely difficult to shoot with a mask on, however, wearing a mask is highly recommended as a spectator or a visitor in the pro shop or upon arriving and getting set up to shoot, or when leaving after shooting.

*We are restricted to 25 people in the range at a time.  On that note, we are requesting that everyone make a reservation to visit us (to join a class, be a spectator, visit the pro shop or rent a lane) via email at or text 816-726-2040.  The lane in front and behind each shooter will be closed to ensure 6 feet distancing as much as possible.

***Classes that would have ended or completed on March 28th with their graduation pin shoot, or would have had their final classes the week of March 23-27, will resume on May 16th to make up your final 2 weeks of classes with May 30th being the makeup pin shoot/graduation date. 

*****Any classes that started in March and were only able to make it to their second or third week will also resume May 16th and will continue on with their classes through the end of June with July 3rd being your graduation date.  Any leagues that would have completed in March or April, we will give you the additional time to finish your leagues upon our reopening on May 16th.

*******New classes will begin in the first week of June (visit for dates/times).

**ARCHERY TAG** will *NOT* be available during the phase 1 return from shutdown due to social distancing still being in effect to keep our community safe.

The Pro shop work will be available by appointment ONLY.  If you need to have work done on your archery equipment, or need to purchase arrows for practicing and potentially hunting, please email us at or text 816-726-2040 to set up a time to meet with our Pros so we can ensure social distancing in the Pro Shop as well.

>>>=> Our Kill the Virus video tournament fundraiser is still going on through midnight May 15th… to find out more information CLICK HERE!!

If you have any questions regarding this Phase 1 return from the 30 day time frame being off, please feel free to contact us in our “Contact Us” area or email us at, send us a message through Facebook ( or send a text message at 816-726-2040.

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  • May 13, 2020

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