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Scouts Archery – Merit Badge training at Archery Excellence

Scouts Archery – We do Merit Badge training at Archery Excellence!

If your troop needs to earn their Archery Merit Badges, but have not had the opportunity to shoot a bow and arrow, we are Here to Help – Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, Trail Blazers, Kingdom Builders, Handmaidens, or whatever scouting program you are involved in!!

We have a certified merit badge counselor as one of our coaches to do the courses and give out Archery Merit badges!

If shooting and refletching an arrow (with 10 participants), cost is $250.IMG_0982 If 11+ participants, add an additional $20 per person.  We start with a quick recap of archery safety and then move into parts of the bows and arrows, then onto form and short distance drills to perfect form (anchor, alignment, aim, and release); and then we score scouts for earning whatever merit badge they are needing. We also allow the scouts to learn how to refletch and salvage parts of their arrows.

If needing to make a string, you will need to make a separate appointment and the cost is an additional $25 per student (only 3 spots available per string making appointment)…

We do all of our classes at our Indoor Archery Range (Archery Excellence by C.B.A. & You, Inc. at 4420 South Noland Road in Independence, MO 64055).

If you are just looking to have a fun hour shooting and practicing towards the eventual earning of the merit badge, but not shooting for a merit badge while you are here, the cost is $200 (with 10 participants).  For 11+ participants, add an additional $15 per person.  We will make this time fun and exciting while learning correct form, focus, aiming, and of course hitting the target where you should… hitting plates, cups, and balloons… of course, Safety is our biggest priority though!

Introduction of 3D animal targets are available for an extra challenge upon request.

IMG_0814A Scouting Experience that will be a Great Memory for All!  Our Scout Package includes instructors and equipment for all ages of scouts to practice and become proficient in shooting a bow and arrow!

We provide the Archery Fun… You Provide the Scouts who need to Learn Archery!  Contact Us Today to work out the details!

If your scouts individually need to do the full merit badge training including shooting, making a string, and refletching an arrow, they can make 2 or 3 appointments with our merit badge counselor/level 4-NTS USA Archery coach to obtain their Archery Merit Badge!  Cost is $40 per student to do the shooting and safety portion and refletching an arrow + $25 for the making a string portion.

*Our instructors have gone through extensive background checks to ensure safety of all participants.

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