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St Patricks Day Indoor 3D Results 2019

Thank you to everyone who came and participated in our St. Patrick’s Day 3D Shoot today!! We hope you all had a fun time shooting the animals indoors with us! We really appreciate your support! Without you we couldn’t serve the archery needs of our community!

Please feel free to come visit our facility at other times of the year to practice too!!

Congratulations to everyone who tried their luck and won money from the spinning balloons and to those who tried their luck in the bonus targets too!!

Below are the scores from today’s tournament!

Thanks again for coming and participating!!

See you all again soon!

Mens Open Unknown (payout to 2nd place):

Billy Johnson 330

Mike McPherson 326

Luke Brown 317

Allen Pierce 309

Web Winfrey 302

Men & Womens Open Known (payout to 2nd place):

Jason Pringle 358

Mike McPherson 322

Larry Underwood 321

Amanda Grafton 294

Mens Bowhunter (payout to 2nd place):

Tim Hunziger – 341

Weston Shellenberger – 308

Chad Westbay 297

Cole Martin 274

Andrew Spellman 258

Philip Young 219

Mens Barebow (payout to 1st place):

Red Neumann 121

Mens Traditional (payout to 2nd place):

Don James 256

Dennis Wiseman 168

Galin Stoychev 165

Kevin Canales 40

Womens Bowhunter (payout to 2nd place):

Morgan Griggs 292

Mary Martin 262

Melinda Hawley 254

Mariah Arrocha 204

Patricia Siemann 124

Madelyn Johnson 122

Youth Bowhunter (payback to 2nd place):

Bri Westbay 291

Dantin McBee 214

Aurora Jordan 181

Josie Martin 159

Youth Open (payback to 1st place):

Phillip Hawley 319

Youth Barebow/Traditional (payback to 3rd place):

Brooke Singleton 276

Mason Hodapp 227

Sara Westcott 179

Westin Summers 166

Joey Gonzalez 149

Heaven McPherson 144

Owen Blumhorst 104

Emma Brinkman 81

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  • March 18, 2019

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