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Valentine Classic 2020 Results

Below are the scores from this weekend’s tournament! Thanks to those who came to play this weekend!! This was a unique tournament in honor of the Valentines holiday, so if you competed as a couple there’s a double competition, competing in your own individual classes as well as those individual scores added together to compete in the couples class! It makes the competitions a lot more fun when we have more participants (as we have enough room to have almost 400 participants for each of our competitions), but we are very grateful for those that came to compete with us! We hope you all and your friends and fellow archers can come compete in the next seasons too! Hope you all had a really great Valentine’s day!

Adult Mens Freestyle (1st place given):

Dustin Dyer 304

Adam Lynch 242

Adult Mens Bowhunter Freestyle (1st place given):

Zachary Giles 303

Christian Poivre 212

Adult Mens Olympic Recurve (1st place given):

Shane Norman 221

Adult Female Olympic Recurve (1st place given):

Melinda Hawley 258

Adult Female Bowhunter Freestyle (1st place given):

Paige Werremeyer 270

Lauren Butcher 208

Youth 12-14 Freestyle (Male/Female) (1st place given):

Sara Westcott 291

Youth 12-14 Bowhunter Freestyle (Male/Female) (1st place given):

Brendan Fariborz 283

Makayla Hoffman 230

Youth 12-14 Barebow (Male/Female) (1st place given):

Sophia Stone 140

Youth 9-11 Bowhunter Freestyle (Male/Female) (1st place given):

Dantin McBee 313

Youth 9-11 Barebow (Male/Female) (1st place given):

Dylan Nemecek 198

Couples Class (any equipment, all places awarded, both individual scores added together):

Paige Werremeyer + Melinda Hawley = 528

Christian Poivre + Lauren Butcher = 420

As always, we want to say a huge “Thank You” for coming and participating in our 2020 Valentine Classic last Friday and Saturday!! As with every one of the tournaments that we offer, we are very thankful for those that are able to come and support our events, as they keep this facility available for people to come and practice or learn this awesome pastime that we all enjoy!! Thank you all very much for coming to join in the fun and give us your support! We really appreciate you!!

This was the last of our 2019-2020 winter indoor tournaments, but we hope you all and more can come join us in the winter months in later 2020 for our 5-Spot 360 Harvest Invitational the Sunday before Thanksgiving, our 5-Spot 360 Christmas Classic the Sunday before Christmas and again for our New Year Kickstart Fundraiser 3-Spot 660 indoor tournament on New Years Eve and New Years Day!

We hope you all can join us in continuing to practice competition in our Indoor 3-spot and 5-spot leagues in the spring/summer months of 2020!! Our leagues start every month on the second week of each month with 3-spot and 5-spot leagues… a new 5-spot league just started on Tuesdays in February last week (it’s not too late to join in February – or you can wait to join in the fun in March).

Come join us as well for our only indoor 3D shoot for 2020 on Sunday, March 29, 2020! Line times will be at 9 am, 11 am, and 1 pm with cards turned in by 3 pm – only 40 shooters allowed per line time, so sign up early for your spot!!

(As with all of our tournaments, Cash Payout and Trophies are given as follows: 1-3 archers, 1st place given; 4-6 archers, 1st and 2nd place given; 7-9 archers, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places given; 10-13+ archers, flights begin) For those that received trophies, they will be available at the range with engraved plates with your name, date, and score by March 1st… the couples that participated, your trophies are available at the range right now, and the name plates will be engraved by March 1st as well!

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