Archery Excellence Indoor Archery Range/Learning Center, Pro Shop/Archery Supply by C.B.A. & You, Inc.

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Welcome to our Indoor Archery Facility!!

We are excited to offer all sorts of opportunities to learn or better your skills at archery in our Indoor Archery Range & Learning Center!!

With 34 lanes at 20 yards and 6 additional lanes at 10 or 15 yards, we offer a huge space to come and hone in your skills!  If you are bringing your own equipment No Reservation is Required to come rent a lane anytime during our business hours!

RESERVATION REQUIRED if renting our equipment for the first time!!  If you are new to archery or haven’t done archery very long and want to learn a little bit of the basics or get a refresher course without joining in a group class, you can come and join us by Reservation ONLY (call 816-886-6281) every day Monday through Saturday for a 15 minute basics class and then stay and practice your skills for the next 45 minutes for $17 per person (price includes lane and equipment rental >>—> paper targets are extra)!

You can rent a 20 yard, 15 yard, or 10 yard lane for $7 per hour or $15 if you would like to spend the day… or $50 for an unlimited month with our X-treme Shooter Pass (come as often as you like during our business hours)

For every 5 times you rent a lane, you get the 6th lane free with our Xtra Lane Pass!! 

Ask about your pass when you come visit us!!

See below for other pricing…

We also offer Private and Group Archery Lessons with our USA Archery certified coaches and instructors, Birthday Parties, Archery Tag, Leagues, Tournaments, and more…

See the information below for more information, email us at, or just come visit us soon!!

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