Archery Excellence Indoor Archery Range/Learning Center, Pro Shop/Archery Supply by C.B.A. & You, Inc.

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Welcome to our Indoor Archery Facility!!

Located at 4420 South Noland Road in Independence, MO

(less than 1 mile south of I-70 in the northwest corner building in the Noland South Shopping Center)!!

COVID-19 has affected the world, our nation and now our community, and since we do not provide groceries, or life preserving or medical services, we will be along with you from 3/24/2020 for the 30 day shutdown restriction.  No classes, no lane rentals, no leagues, no private lessons, and no archery tag will be available during this time of social distancing to keep our community safe.

The only exception to this closure is that Pro shop work will be available by appointment ONLY.  If you need to have work done on your archery equipment, or need to purchase arrows for practicing and potentially hunting during this time frame, please email us at or text 816-726-2040.

Otherwise, as of right now, we will plan to reopen Friday, April 24th according to city mandate, and any classes that would have currently completed on March 28th with their graduation pin shoot, or would have had their final classes the week of March 23-27, will resume on April 24th to make up your final week of classes with May 2nd being the makeup pin shoot/graduation date.  Any classes that started in March and were only able to make it to their second or third week will also resume April 24th and will continue on with their classes through the end of May with May 30th being your graduation date.  Any leagues that would have completed in March or April, we will give you the additional time to finish your leagues upon our reopening on April 24th.

If you have any questions regarding this 30 day time frame being off, please feel free to contact us in our “Contact Us” area or email us at, send us a message through Facebook ( or send a text message at 816-726-2040.  Any new news information will be posted in our “News” link above in the “What’s Happening Now” area.  Our prayer is that you all stay safe and well during this time until we see you again.

Further typical range information is available below.

We are excited to offer all sorts of opportunities to learn or better your skills at archery in our Indoor Archery Range & Learning Center!!  New classes (all levels including beginner, intermediate, advanced, and high performance) start the first week of each month… Find out more about our group archery classes HERE!!

With 34 lanes at 20 yards and 6 additional lanes at 10 or 15 yards, we offer a huge space to come and hone in your skills!  If you are bringing your own equipment No Reservation is Required to come rent a lane anytime during our business hours!

Leagues start the second week of each month if you’d like to practice honing your skills in a tournament setting… Find out more about our indoor 3-spot and 5-spot leagues HERE!!

RESERVATION REQUIRED if renting our equipment for the first time!!  If you are new to archery or haven’t done archery very long and want to learn a little bit of the basics or get a refresher course without joining in a group class, you can come and join us by Reservation ONLY (call 816-886-6281 or email us at every day Monday through Saturday for a 15 minute basics/introductory class and then stay and practice your skills for the next 45 minutes for $30 per person (price includes lane and equipment rental + $1 paper target (to upgrade target, just pay the extra $1 to $3)!

You can rent a 20 yard, 15 yard, or 10 yard lane for $13 per hour or $35 if you would like to spend the day… or $75 for an unlimited month with our X-treme Shooter Pass (come as often as you like during our business hours)

For every 5 times you rent a lane, you get the 6th lane free with our Xtra Lane Pass!! 

Ask about your pass when you come visit us!!

If you want to shoot at your family or friends, frenemies or enemies, neighbors or acquaintances, we also offer ARCHERY TAG on Friday and Saturday evenings from 8-10 pm!!  Find out more HERE!!

See below for other pricing…

We also offer Private and Group Archery Lessons with our USA Archery certified coaches and instructors, Birthday Parties, Archery Tag, Leagues, Tournaments, and more…

If this is your FIRST time visiting us THIS YEAR, to make check-in quicker, you can fill in a waiver online by clicking HERE!

We do things a little different at our shop/range, we teach you first and then help you find the perfect equipment for your shooting goals!  We use software to determine the best arrow to fit your needs.  We also work on and sell new and used archery equipment including bows and crossbows, arrows and all sorts of archery gear to help you improve your shot.  If you have a bow that needs worked on and it’s still shootable (FREE assessment to determine if parts are still made and available), we can help you get your bow back in shooting order!  Bow Tech labor per hour $45.  Available by reservation or after 7 pm weekdays or between 11 am and 7 pm Saturdays.

We can help you sight in your bow for $45 per hour as well (includes guidance from level 4 USA Archery coaches to help you get the same results each time to get dialed in as much as possible)!  Reservation required.

Contact us at 816-886-6281 for more information, to schedule an appointment or join a class.  You can also email us at, follow us on Facebook at or just come visit us in person during our business hours whenever you get the opportunity!!