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C.B.A. & You’s FAQ’s!

cba25Q: What does C.B.A. & You stand for?
A: C.B.A. & You stands for Christ Bows Arrows and Youth.

Q: Who is C.B.A. & You, Inc.?
A: We are a group of people that love archery and passing the sport on to youth and their families.

Q: Is C.B.A. & You, Inc. a club?
A: No. We are an organization devoted to bringing youth back into the sport of archery in whatever way we can. Memberships are available to our indoor archery range (Archery Excellence Indoor Archery Range/Learning Center, Pro Shop/Archery Supply by C.B.A. & You, Inc.) to provide you with a discount on our services.

Q: How many years of archery experience does the staff of C.B.A. & You have?
A: We have over 45 years of experience in the field of archery.

cba21Q: What is the main objective of C.B.A. & You?
A: The main objective of C.B.A. & You is to pass on a passion for archery. Our other objectives are to make the sport of archery affordable and accessible to youth 18 years of age and younger, however, over our years of training, we have found everyone is young at heart. Age 4-96 have come to join us for learning archery, so don’t let age stop you!

Q: How is C.B.A. & You making archery accessible and affordable for the youth?
A: We make archery accessible and affordable for all ages at our indoor archery range, Archery Excellence by C.B.A. & You, Inc at 4420 S Noland Road, Independence, MO 64055 (less than one mile south of I-70 on Noland Road in the Noland South Shopping Center).  We have archery equipment for every age and skill level available to rent for $10 per hour (includes bow, arrows, glove and arm guard – first time rental requires an intro lesson).

Q: Who do I contact with other questions?
A: If you have any other questions please send an e-mail to archeryexcellence@gmail.com can also call us at 816-886-6281 or text us at 816-218-9909.

Q: Will you allow members?
A: Yes.  Memberships offer a 20% discount on lane rental, 10% discount on classes and camps, 5% discount on Birthday parties/leagues/3D Shoots/tournaments/Xtreme shooter passes and merchandise in our pro shop, as well as 1 Free game of Archery Tag per month per member.

Q: What equipment do you have already?
A: We have Genesis and Mini Genesis bows, as well as recurves of variable sizes and draw weights, Olympic and traditional style equipment, as well as all of the safety equipment and 30-foot backstop nets and walls of 6-pound polyethylene foam to make learning and teaching archery safe for everyone involved.

Q: Will you teach people at the indoor range only?
A: No. We will do as many events as possible in our indoor range, but occasionally we know camps, scouting events and schools can’t always come to us, so we will provide services as we are able to provide staff both at our indoor range and at other locations (minimum of 15 participants).

Q: Can I help C.B.A. & You at teaching events?
A: Yes, we need everyone’s help and look forward to seeing new faces join us in our quest to pass on a passion for Archery.  In order to help us teach youth in our indoor facility you must become a level 1 or higher USA Archery Instructor.  We offer certifications several times throughout the year.  Contact us for details about upcoming instructor training sessions at 816-886-6281, text us at 816-218-9909, or contact us by e-mail at archeryexcellence@gmail.com.