Meet Our Instructors

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CBA & You (Archery Excellence Indoor Archery Range) has a full team of USA Archery certified Level 1-4 archery instructors/coaches who are professional and personable.

**Jared Hawley (Level 4-NTS Coach/Lead Bow/Pro Shop Tech)

*Maverick Nichols (Level 2-NTS Instructor)

*Sara Westcott (Level 1-NTS Instructor)

*Phillip Hawley (Level 1-NTS Instructor/Bow Tech)

*Dennis Wiseman (Level 1-NTS Instructor/Bow Tech)

*Brendan Fariborz (Level 1-NTS Instructor)

*Heidi Hawley (Level 2-NTS Instructor)

Come Learn to Shoot a Bow & Arrows with Us!!

**Melinda Hawley (Level 4-NTS Coach РHead Coach)

*Lauren Butcher (Level 2-NTS Instructor)

*Brandon Hawley (Level 1-NTS Instructor/Bow Tech)

*Janna Vance (Level 1-NTS Instructor)

*Hailey Dannewitz (Level 1-NTS Instructor)

*Emily Laning (Level 1-NTS Instructor)

*Owen Greer (Level 1-NTS Instructor)