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2018 Christmas Classic Results

We want to say a huge “Thank You” for coming and participating in our 2018 Christmas Classic this past Friday and Saturday!! As with every one of the tournaments that we offer, we are very thankful for those that are able to come and support our events, as they keep this facility available for people to come and practice or learn this awesome pastime that we all enjoy!! Thank you all very much for your support over the last few years!

We hope you all and more can come join us for our 1, 2, 3 Kickstart Fundraiser 3-Spot 600 indoor tournament (USA Archery rules – x is 10’s for compounds, other two yellow rings will be 9’s… all other classes will count regular 10 ring + x ring as 10 with regular 9 ring) on Tuesday January 1st (line times 3 pm or 6 pm), Wednesday 6pm or Thursday 6 pm)!!

Below are the scores from this weekend’s tournament! Trophies and money were awarded as follows (1-3 participants in class, 1st place given – 4-6 participants in class, 1st and 2nd places given – 7+ participants in class, 1st, 2nd and 3rd)… We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!! Thanks again to the 30 participants who came to play!! See you all again soon!

Championship (Money Class – 70% payback):

Greg Haugsness 356


Amateur (Money Class – 50% payback):

Cole Duensing 354

Cris Davis 340


Adult Mens Freestyle:

Jason Pringle 350

Mike McPherson 301

Dustin Dyer 318

Vince Schroeder 287


Adult Mens Freestyle Limited (Fingers):

Josh Spengler 276


Master Mens Freestyle:

Luke Brown 331

Henry Houk 329


Adult Mens Bowhunter Freestyle:

Scott Larkins 346

Cole Martin 304


Adult Mens Olympic Recurve – Money class (50% payback):

Alex McCaskill 237


Adult Mens Traditional:

Galin Stoychev 255


Adult Female Barebow:

Janna Vance 182


Adult Female Bowhunter Freestyle:

Mariah Arrocha 270

Mary Martin 268

Amanda Grafton 254

Moni Vongsena 187


Youth 15-17 Bowhunter:

Madelyn Johnson 225


Youth 12-14 Freestyle:

Phillip Hawley 277

Leann Drake 260


Youth 12-14 Bowhunter:

Makayla Hoffman 275

Delacey Bierbaum 205


Youth 9-11 Bowhunter:

Noah Ellison 290

Aurora Jordan 218


Youth 9-11 Barebow:

Kyleigh Spengler 224

Sara Westcott 169

Haddie Watson 161


Youth 6-8 Bowhunter:

Josie Martin 159


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  • December 23, 2018

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