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Excellence Games Results!

For Everyone who participated in All THREE (3) of our tournaments during the holidays (Harvest Invitational the weekend before Thanksgiving + Christmas Classic the weekend before Christmas + New Years Kickoff this year on the Friday & Saturday before the new year and New Years Day!) your names will be added to a plaque at the range for all to see throughout the year!!

Below are the Results:

2023-2024 Excellence Games Results:

SAFFS Nancy Kepko 286+288+520=1094

AMFSLR Will Hale 267+262+517=1046

AMFS Phillip Hawley 346+335+600=1281

YAMBHFS Daniel Benitez 288+284+550=1122

YAFBHFS Rebecca Randall 285+283+537=1105

YAMFSLR Mac Collins 236+223+312=771

Y12-14MFS Carter Kindler 287+324+584=1195

Y12-14FBHFS Isabella Cull 237+291+549=1077

Y6-8MBC Rorke Houston 165+197+351=713

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  • posted at 12:20 pm
  • January 2, 2024

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