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It’s A Miracle!!

As many of you know, and some maybe don’t yet know, we felt like we were almost going to lose Coach Jared just over a month ago. He had gotten to the point where he couldn’t speak correctly, his limbs were heavy and he could barely walk, his chest pressure and the numbness he was feeling and showing indicated stroke and heart attacks, bur God saw fit to heal him!!

So, now, we are excited to announce Jared Hawley’s book “The Power & Love of God,” with all the details about his miracle healing that happened just over a month ago… it is available on Amazon in Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover as of last Friday!! 💕

The book is titled “The Power & Love of God: A Miracle Given to Jared N. Hawley” – CLICK HERE to follow the link NOW!

The story starts right around 40 years ago when Jared was very young and takes you through a majority of the details (obviously not ALL the details, because the book would be incredibly long, but 144 pages worth of details) of his life that led to the point of this healing…

We have been sharing this testimony with anyone and everyone and now you can read the whole story!! And once you’ve read it, you can share it too!! An inspiring story of hope and patience, giving in to God’s timing and His will, endurance and faith… so many prayers went into this healing! We are so grateful for you all!! 🙏

Get Your Copy by Clicking Here NOW!!

  • by cbayou
  • posted at 2:38 pm
  • September 24, 2023

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