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New Years 2019 Tournament Results

Thank you to everyone who came and joined us for our Kickstart Fundraiser 600 New Years Day and the 2nd and 3rd of January indoor 3-spot tournament this week!! We had some fantastic shooters join us and pull out some great scores even with just counting the baby X’s as the only 10’s for those compound archers who shot 23 diameter arrows or less… Not typical for USA Archery tournament rules, we added a 25-27 diameter shaft class for those of you prepping for the NFAA tournaments coming up as well… We feel very blessed for the outpouring of your donations!! We were able to raise almost $1000 between the 3 days of tournaments through your help!

Thank you so very much for your support and helping us kick-start 2019 in the black! You all shot some amazing scores!!

We hope you all and more can join us in 2019 for our Indoor 3D tournaments, Indoor 3-spot and 5-spot leagues starting the second week of each month, as well as our indoor 3-spot and 5-spot tournaments!!

Our 2019 tournaments will start with a 3-Day Valentine Classic 5-spot 360 on Thursday, February 14th, Friday, February 15th OR Saturday, February 16th… and our first 2019 3D shoot will be on St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday, March 17, 2019 (novelty balloons with gold coins will be back for this tournament again too)!

Thanks again and congratulations to all 35 participants who came to play this week!! Medals and money (for those that participated in the Money class) will be available at the range whenever you stop by next or we can mail them to you, if you send an email to with your address!

We look forward to having you all and more come shoot with us again soon! Thank you again for your outpouring of support, funding, and your participation!! We can’t do what we do without your support (funding and shooting)!

Below are the scores from this week’s tournament (USA Archery classes)!

We wish you all a prosperous, wonderful and very Happy New Year!!


Senior Compound (25-27 Diameter Arrows) – Male:

Jason Pringle 594

Aric Camp 593

Frank Aiuppa 591

Jim Frazier 590

Cole Duensing 589

Mike McPherson 571

Danny Pearson 540

Vince Shroeder 516

Rick Peters 336


Senior Compound – Male:

Russ Pierce 562

Brian Harris 559

Cole Martin 533

Chris Partezana 509


Amateur Money (25-27 Diameter Arrows):

Clayton Beall 589


Amateur Money (USA Archery rules):

Lane Brandt 578

Kapt Brandt 562

Senior Barebow – Male:

Galin Stoychev 461

Darron Rodgers 447

Kenan Canales 288

Mark Gish 287

Kevin Canales 224

Kevin Canales 162


Senior Olympic Recurve – Male:

Alex McCaskill 362


Senior Compound (25-27 Diameter Arrows) – Female:

Jessy Ellis-Forst 584


Senior Compound – Female:

Amanda Grafton 498

Mary Martin 482

Moni Vongsena 404


Compound Junior (Age 18-20) – Female:

Mariah Arrocha 489


Olympic Recurve Junior (Age 18-20) – Male:

Nathan Wagner 472


Compound Cadet (Age 15-17) – Male:

Allen Pierce 546


Compound Cub (Age 12-14) – Female:

Leann Drake 522

Leann Drake 517

Leann Drake 503

Heaven McPherson 173


Compound Bowman (Age 9-11) – Male:

Noah Ellison 319


Compound Bowman (Age 9-11) – Female:

Sara Westcott 330

Aurora Jordan 206


Compound Yeoman (Age 8 & under) – Female:

Josie Martin – 315

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