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Results for April Fools Day Indoor 3D Archery Tournament 2017

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 3D shoot earlier this evening (April 1st)!! We really appreciate you all coming to join us and are very thankful for the large turnout – a total of 64 of you came to play this evening!! There were definitely a few trickier shots this round… a little more variables to maneuver around than some were used to perhaps… but you all shot fantastic!!

Hope you all can join us again on Memorial Day (May 29th) in the morning from 8 am to 1 pm (trickle start 8 am to 11 am) for our next 3D shoot… and bring a few more friends and neighbors!! …we’ll have it set up a little differently to accommodate more archers and give you all some more breathing room, since we were a little more crowded than we had been used to this evening… thinking we might even have you all sign up for line starts every half hour to help everything run smoother…

Reminder: We won’t have any more scheduled 3D shoots other than the Memorial Day indoor 3D this year… if you can come join us, that tournament will have door prizes and trophies!

Below are how the scores turned out for our April Fools Day tournament! If you won any cash, we will keep it in an envelope for you to pick up when you come visit again! Thanks again for coming out and joining in the fun! We hope to see you all again soon (to practice and/or compete)!!

Mens Open (paid out to 1st through 5th place):
Kevin McGrath 344
Drew Shanks 333
Ken Otis 314
Justin Buttram 314
Brian Colvin 314
Alan Burkhart 311
Reece Jump 308
Jerry Denker 292
Chad Westbay 282
Tony Loney 257
Bill Johnson (Shot for Fun)
John Stout (Shot for Fun)
Danny Pearson (Shot for Fun)
Kyle Frye (Shot for Fun)
Luke Brown (Shot for Fun)

Mens Bowhunter (Paid out to 1st through 11th Place):
George McCall 320
Rodney Lambeth 317
Tim Hunziger 312
Jon Tompkins 306
Charles Parks 294
Robert Endicott 286
Shelby Bush 286
James Curtin 284
Dean Baldwin 283
Devon West 275
Cole Martin 274
Joe Davies 268
Robert Cawthon 262
Micah Gibler 253
Clayton Cawthon 243
Matt Frankenberg 242
Scott Spencer 240
Eric Konkle 228
John Brandon 228
Richard Cawthon 224
Nathan Conroy 202
Mike McCarty 193
Adam Morton 190
Pat Conroy 184
John Cresswell 130 (shot ½ course only)
Arel Dawkins 114 (shot ½ course only)
Mike McPherson 99 (shot ½ course only)
Briggs Webster (Shot for Fun)
Bobby Williams (Shot for Fun)
Steven Williams (Shot for Fun)
Trevor Mosby (Shot for Fun)
Ty Mosby (Shot for Fun)
Jon O’Neal (Shot for Fun)

Womens (BH) Compound (Paid out to 1st and 2nd Place):
Mary Martin 209
Melinda Hawley 202
KayLynn Cawthon 117
Melissa Williams (Shot for Fun)

Youth Age 12-15 (prize to 1st place):
Zayne Swope 354
Grace McCarty 106

Youth Age 9-11 (prizes to 1st through 3rd place):
Lee Lambeth 314
Bri Westbay 259
Quinton Adams 198
Samantha Konkle 197
Mischka Highers (Shot for Fun)
Jackson Elkin (Shot for Fun)

Youth Age 6-8 (prizes to 1st and 2nd place):
Zoe Loney 172
Caleb Williams 91
Ackalyn King 70
Rowen Gilbert (Shot for Fun)

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  • April 2, 2017

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