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Results for Nationals Prep tournament March 11th at Archery Excellence

Thank you to everyone who came and joined us in our NFAA Nationals Prep Indoor 5-Spot 360 Tournament Saturday, March 11th!! With the snowy weather, we weren’t sure how many we would have come join us, but we are thankful for those of you who were able to come out and play! We hope you all and more can come and join us in our Excellence Games 2-Day 5-spot & 3-spot Indoor Tournament the weekend before Thanksgiving, November 18-19!  We hope you all can come join in our indoor 3D tournaments on April 1st  from 4-8 pm (4-6 pm trickle start) and Memorial Day, May 29th from 8 am to 1 pm (8 am to 11 am trickle start)…

The results for today are as follows:

Mens Freestyle (1st place given):

Travis McClard 332 (36 x’s)

Jr. Brown 319 (24 x’s)

Adam Lynch 270 (13 x’s)

Mens Senior Freestyle (1st place given):

Luke Brown 319 (31 x’s)

Mens Bowhunter (1st place given):

Tim Hunziger 341 (43 x’s)

Robert McClaran 325 (24 x’s)

Nathan Conroy 252 (13 x’s)

Mens Senior Bowhunter (1st place given):

Brian Harris 331 (34 x’s)

Mens Bowhunter Freestyle (1st place given):

Lane Brandt 351 (51 x’s)

Braden Mowdy 340 (41 x’s)

Pierce Heigel 182 (3 x’s)

Mens Barebow (1st place given):

Eli Adams 47

Womens Freestyle (1st place given):

Melinda Hawley 325 (31 x’s)

Tobie McClaran 321 (30 x’s)

Jamie McClard 291 (23 x’s)

Womens Barebow (1st place given):

Shelby Winslow 257 (6 x’s)

Carol Floyd 167 (1 x)

Womens Bowhunter (1st place given):

Amy Hunziger 319 (28 x’s)

Youth Age 15-17 (1st place given):

(BB) Sara Unrein 88 (3 x’s)

Youth Age 9-11 (1st place given):

(FS) Kapt Brandt 360 (60 x’s)

Youth Age 9-11 (1st place given):

(BH) Jackson Elkin 266 (9 x’s)

Youth Age 9-11 (1st place given):

(BB) James Cox 184 (3 x’s)

(BB) Matthias Adams 167 (1 x)

Youth Age 6-8 (1st place given):

(BB) Rowen Gilbert 79

To view more pics from this tournament, visit our Facebook page by clicking HERE!!

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  • March 13, 2017

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